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I have distained from an own internet display format and put only a link to "GeneaNet". This representation is very clear and provides many additional options e.g. for pedigrees, tree pictures, and more
However, you should be registered at Genenet (for free).

I have reproduced names and data to my best knowledge, as I've found it in the documents. If someone finds errors, please let me know.
For living persons, only the names are listed.
Whoever finds his data here to be updated or removed, please inform me by e-mail.
Whoever still has old photos of parents, grandparents or great-grandparentses may send them to me as JPG-file or as picture.

N.N. is used when a last name is not known to me.
It stands for the Latin abbreviation:
nomen nescio (= I d’ont know the name, the name is unknown)
nomen nominandum (= is [still] to name)

My particular thanks go to the “
Zweibrücker Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Familienforschung” (genealogical working group of Zweibruecken) , that gave me many hints by my first investigations and thus made the start much easier.
Furthermore many thanks to my
cousin Kurt Stock, who ceded his ancestral data to me, Silvia Knerr for many Böckweiler data and to all the other persons who helped me recruiting, completing and correcting the data.

Applied Tools:

  • FamilySearch TM Personal Ancestral File by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
    This is a functional well equipped and reliable tool that I have used to collect and administer the genealogical data after some less successful attempts with other tools.
    Since it will not be developed any further, I switched to RootsMagic in mid-2013.

  • RootsMagic © is available in three variants. One of them can be downloaded from the Internet free of charge. The data of PAF can be adopted, the change is simple and the functionality of PAF is fully covered and is even more comprehensive.
    However, currently only an English version is available.

  • Apache OpenOfficeTM , a product of the OpenOffice community (see, is used to maintain and update this site.

  • The entries in the database of GeneNet and Ancestry result from the import of GED files.

Ambos families

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