I am Heinrich Arthur Ambos, known as Heinz, born and raised in Zweibrücken in the Palatinate, studied mechanical engineering and computer science in Saarbrücken, worked in software development in Munich for well over three decades, and have been retired for a few years.

One of my hobbies is family research (genealogy). Most of this page is dedicated to this very interesting topic. It was important to me to make the information publicly available in order to provide suggestions and help other families and genealogists.

I startet my research in 2000 with my ancestors on my father's side (Ambos, Oberdörfer) and my mother's side (Stock, Freyer) from Zweibrücken and the surrounding places (Southwest Palatinate and Saarpfalz).
In the meantime, I have significantly expanded my research and also included the ancestors of my wife (Boesner, Rueffer, Neupert, Langefeldt) as well as relatives by marriage or acquaintances, e.g. Aschauer, Salvatore, Stephan, Seegmüller, Scherer, Wolf, Hoffmann, Birkel and many others more.

As a result, the geographical distribution has of course been significantly expanded, from the Hunsrück, Upper Franconia and Lower/Upper Bavaria, the former Prussian regions of Silesia and Posen to France, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Hungary and, last but not least, the USA.
So far, well over 20,000 people have come together,

Through many contacts via e-mail and the Internet as well as my own further research, this page is corrected and expanded at irregular intervals.

I have given up publishing my information on this site and am using the family research portals Genenet and Ancestry.
These Internet portals offer more security and additional functions, see also under “Links”

Finally, there is a link to the holiday apartment that we rent in our house. It is interesting for everyone who is looking for relaxation and recreation.

Latest update: January 2024

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