I am Heinrich Arthur Ambos, named Heinz, born and grown up in Zweibruecken, Germany, studies of mechanical engineering and computer science in Saarbrücken, well over 3 decades engaged in software development in Munich, for a few years in retirement.
One of my hobbies is genealogy. Most of this page is therefore dedicated to this subject. You'll find in this website genealogical data related to my paternal ancestors, Ambos/Oberdoerfer, and my maternal ancestors, Stock/Freyer, resided in Zweibrücken, Homburg and the surrounding villages, in the south-west-palatinate and Saarpfalz, Germany. In the meantime I amended the ancestors of my wife (Neupert, Langefeldt, Boesner, Rueffer) as well as data of some related families (Stephan, Seegmüller, Scherer, Wolf, Hoffmann et al.).
I decided in favor of a private website, simply because in my opinion, the data are accessible for a far bigger audience as in genealogical data bases only. The publication in some data bases has been done in addition e.g. Geneanet and ancestry.de. (See also “Links”)
As There are many genealogical relations to the U.S. and France, parts of this site are available in English and French as well.
Finally, there is a link to the vacation-apartment, that we rent in our house. It is interesting for all people who are looking for ease, comfort and recreation.

Latest update: December 2020
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